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Not Chavez Ravine!

The Families of Palo Verde La Loma and Bishop would like to thank every one of you for your ongoing support on our journey for justice for the three communities. Due to all your donations, we have educated elementary, high school, and college students throughout California on what happens to our three communities and their importance in Los Angeles's history. 

We were also able to attend many public events with our outreach table and we educated many. We were also very lucky to even meet some of you. 

We have gained much much-needed support from our local politicians and community organizations. We are also very honored to have Chief Andrew Salas of the Kizh Nation the original lineal indigenous descendants of the Los Angeles basin and Orange County join us on the journey for justice for the three communities and land back for the Kizh Nation.


Many media outlets have written many stories and articles on our journey.


We have done many podcasts with grassroots educators that reach many.As you all know the work is not done yet and we won't give up until we get the justice for our three communities that they deserve.


We ask that you keep supporting us by sharing our social media and outreach emails with friends and family. You can also donate any amount to us that will help with our education, outreach, and legal fund. If you donate $25.00 or more. We will give you one free shirt for your support. We can not thank you enough and we could have never come this far without all your support and donations.  

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