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Melissa Arechiga, nativa de Los Angeles CA, perteneciente a la Familia Arechiga In the Chicana/o Studies you will find her family in the chapter’s true blue to a time before the dodgers. The Mexican American communities were known as Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop. Today The Battle of Chavez Ravine is the political term used to describe their history in Los Angeles. Melissa is the personification and radical root that blossomed by connecting her history to higher education. She graduated from the University of California Berkeley, with double majors, and is establishing herself as a community activist. She has a fervent desire to empower, advocate and give back to the community. Strong willed and persistent, her goal is to connect, grow and develop leaders with other women of color in the community. Her foreseeable future is limitless as she continues to pursue education through Law School. She hopes to collect and contribute to the strong brown history of Los Angeles and Los Arechiga's.

Melissa Arechiga

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Vincent Montalvo

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