October 31, 2017

In consideration of mutual benefits, ___________________________ (donor’s name), residing at ______________________________ (donor’s address) and Priscilla Leiva for the purposes of “Chavez Ravine: An Unfinished Story” enter into this agreement granting ownership, access, use, and possible disposition of the following items, fully described below: 

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The donation has been received by Priscilla Liva for the purposes o...

October 31, 2017

To: Priscilla Leiva

This is a notice of rescission as to any rights that I may have granted you to possess or make any use of any photographic or digital depictions of my family and or any of the events pertaining to the eviction of the residents of Chavez Ravine.

This notice of rescission is based on the grounds contained in California Civil Code section 1689(b)(1), (2), and (6). The facts supporting this legal contention are b...

October 31, 2017

​Its baseball season again. Here in Los Angeles, Dodger fans have come out of hibernation.

Everywhere you look you are sure to spot someone representing the Los Angeles Dodgers. From the sidewalks to the workplace, and of course, all over social media, fans are actively talking about their team.

On The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Facebook page, in the upcoming events section, you can purchase tickets for Mexican Heritage Day, being he...

October 30, 2017

Down on Academy Road at the Elysian Park recreation center, the parking lot is at capacity.
The arriving cars look for a spot to unload their tables and chairs.  Along the road, street parking quickly fills up as family and friends continue to arrive. Here on a mid summer day, a small compressed space is reserved for the former residents of Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop. Every inch of space is used on a small concrete pad....

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