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Notice of Rescission

To: Priscilla Leiva

This is a notice of rescission as to any rights that I may have granted you to possess or make any use of any photographic or digital depictions of my family and or any of the events pertaining to the eviction of the residents of Chavez Ravine.

This notice of rescission is based on the grounds contained in California Civil Code section 1689(b)(1), (2), and (6). The facts supporting this legal contention are because:

1. I am not familiar with the legal ramifications of the terminology used in the documents that I was provided in which I signed; I have no legal training or education, the document was not provided to me in Spanish or in any non-technical English that would have permitted me to actually understand what I was signing;

2. Priscilla Leiva reneged on her oral promise to participate in a community meeting to discuss the issues that have been raised by some community members regarding her project;

3. The public interest will be prejudiced if my agreement is not rescinded; it is in the public interest that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth be produced in connection with the use of the photographic evidence and this has been called into question by funding in part of this project that stems from the Dodgers baseball organization which has a vested economic interest in its outcome.

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